小魚缸 – Mini Aquarium


The Story:

I’ve been learning embroidery for a while, and this is my most successful master piece to date!



1) Cut a piece of material 24 x 24 cm. Tack each size of the fabric to hold it in place.

2) Chalk on the the embroidery design. I used a blue chalk to do this and it was a really bad idea because, apparently, blue chalks are the hardest to remove :(.

3) Use a 6″ diameter embroidery hoop to hold the fabric in place and start stitching!!

Fish_Start of project

4) Use different colours to make the fin of the fish stand out.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

5) Complete!






山莓 – Raspberry

The Story:

Super mum (my mother) went for a walk the other day and ended up foraging for raspberries. In no time she knocked up some jam which, I was informed by a reliable source,  tastes heavenly(!). Feeling triumphant with her creation, super mum went back for more raspberries and this time made some raspberry muffins. So when are you going to give us the recipes super mum?




韓式炸醬麵 – Korean Fried Sauce Noodle (Chajangmyun)




The Story:

“Fried sauce noodle” originated in China but there are now different versions in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. This recipe is my trial and error version of the Korean fried sauce noodle.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Korean Black Bean Paste in my local asian supermarket so I had to make do with a Chinese version. I think this is why the sauce turned out a lot thinner and lighter than it should be :(. It still tastes pretty good, but that’s coming from someone who has never tried the real thing!

Another ingredient I missed out in this recipe was potato. I thought I used enough vegetables already…but after looking at different recipies for Korean fried noodle, it seems that potato is one of the core ingredients.  So next time I will definitely use it.



Diced Pork 200g

Chinese Noodle 200g

Large Mushroom x2

Small Onion x1

Small Courgette x1

Light Soy Sauce 2 tbsp

Sesame Oil 1tbsp



Sugar 2 tbsp

Black Bean Sauce x5 tbsp

Chicken stock 300ml

Cold Water 50ml

Cornflour 2 tbsp



1) Marinate the diced pork with light soy sauce, seasame oil,sugar, pepper and salt. Refrigerate the mixture for 15 min.

Seasoning meat

2) Dice the onion, courgette and mushroom.

Chopped vegetables

3) Saute the seasoned diced pork  in an oiled pan for 2-3 min.

Cook Meat

4)      Add the diced vegtables (onion, courgette and mushroom) and cook for a futher 5 min.

Added vegetables

5) Add the black bean paste and cook for a further 2-3 min.

Added Seasoning

6) Add  chicken stock and bring to boil.

Added chicken stock

7) Mix the cornflour  with cold water and add it to the pan. This will thicken the sauce. Cook the mixture for a further 15 min.

Added black bean sauce

8) Cook the Chinese noodle according to the package instruction. Once cooked, drain the water and serve the noodle in a bowl with the sauce poured over it.

Cooking noodles

隔熱手套 – Oven Glove

Finished Oven Glove

The Story:

I wanted to make a pair of oven glove for a while now – mainly because of how expensive they are in the shops. Last week I finally got round to purchasing the materials from Fabricland (with 15% off because it was a bank holiday!).

After a quick search on the internet I came across a blog called Madebypin, which provided clear instructions for an oven glove sewing project. I followed the majority of the post and changed some measurements to my liking. The result, as you can see above, is a really cute pair of oven gloves!



Cotton Fabric 90cm x 100cm

Wadding 90cm x 50cm

Poly Cotton Bias Binding (25mm) 3m



1) Cut out paper template A and B to the follow measurements:

Paper Template Measurements

2) On the cotton fabric cut out x2 A template and x4 B template. On wadding cut out x1 A template and x2 B template.

Cutting out templates on different fabrics

3) Combine the fabric cut outs as follow: take one cotton fabric and place it the right side down. Add the wadding on top. Take another piece of cotton fabric and place it right side up.

Oven Glove Material Layers

4) Pin all the layers together and tack.

5) Stitch crossing lines to each of the three pieces to hold the fabrics in place.

6) Stitch bias binding on the straight edge of the small glove pieces (template B).

7) Place the two small glove pieces onto each end of the longer piece and tack.

8) Stitch bias binding around the whole glove.


餛飩/雲吞 – Wonton

Wonton Soup

The Story:

I went to the local Chinese supermarket to buy ingredients for another recipe but didn’t have any cash on me. To pay by card I had to make a purchase of over £10. So with a basket of food worth £9.50 I needed to buy something that would take me over the £10 mark. “What about tofu?” I thought as I went pass the fresh food isle, “Nah…too much hassle to cook”. “How about pineapple buns?” I pondered as I glanced over the bakery counter, “Perhaps a little too expensive.” I wanted something about £1 so, in the end, I settled with Wonton skin.



Wonton Skin 200g (approx. 40 skins)

Minced Pork 500g

Medium shrimps 100g

Egg x2

Light Soy Sauce 1 tsp



Sugar 1 tsp

Vegetable stock (depends on how much wonton you are cooking – approx. 50ml for every wonton)



1) Marinate the minced pork with light soy sauce, sugar, pepper and one egg. Refrigerate the mixture for 20 min.

2) Cut the shrimps in to small pieces and add one egg, salt and pepper. Refrigerate the mixture for 10 min.

Wonton Ingredients

3) Take one sheet of wonton skin and add 1 tsp of the marinated minced pork and ½ tsp of shrimp pieces to the center of the sheet.

Wrapped Wonton

4)      Add some water to the four sides of the wonton skin and fold it in half to make a triangle. Crease the sides, making sure the meat doesn’t fall out.

5) Once finish wrapping all the wonton, boil in it water until it floats to the top.

Cooked Wonton

6) Drain the wonton and cook it in the vegetable stock for 5-10min.

Eating Wonton


菠蘿腸仔 – Cheese, Pineapple and Sausage Sticks






菠蘿罐頭 x1

香腸 x20

莫薩里拉乾酪 150g



1) 將莫薩里拉乾酪切成1cm方塊。

2) 將每塊菠蘿切成小塊。

3) 用牙纖將莫薩里拉乾酪塊菠蘿塊一條香腸串起。


The Story:

OK, I understand this isn’t much of a recipe because it’s so basic, but you never know some people might never have tried this before. Plus I don’t usually use cheese when I’m making pineapple and sausage sticks so that’s something new!

Other recipes usually use cheddar cheese but I’ve chosen to use Mozzarella because I wanted something to take away the sweetness of the pineapple. The Mozzarella cheese was softer too and it made an interesting combination.



Can of Pineapple x1

Cocktail Sausages x20

Mozzarella Cheese 150g



1) Cut the cheese into 1cm cubes.

2) Cut each slice of pineapple into 6 pieces.

3) Use a cocktail stick to combine one piece of each (pineapple, sauage and diced cheese).

蘑菇湯 – Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup






Mushroom soup ingredients

洋蔥 x2

大蒜 x3

牛油 50g

蘑菇 300g


雞/菜高湯 600ml



1) 洋蔥 + 大蒜 + 牛油 煮 3-4分鐘。

Musroom soup1

2) 加 蘑菇 + 麝香草 煮 3-4分鐘。

Musroom soup2

3) 加 雞/菜高湯煮沸。

Musroom soup3

4) 將煮沸的湯放入攪拌機打20秒。

Musroom soup4


The Story:

One day, 10 boxes of mushrooms appeared in our house. I won’t go into detail as to how they appeared, but my mother had the difficult task of 1) cooking up the ten boxes before they go off and 2) to do so without anyone developing a lasting phobia to this fungus.

Ingeniously, if I may say so myself, I suggested that we could turn the mushrooms into a soup. My mum liked the idea, so after a quick search online she found tons of soup recipes. In the end mum decided to go for a simpler version that doesn’t require any cream. The result was fantastic! The soup was served in three different ways (just as soup with bread, with noodles, thickened as a sauce to go with chicken), and in no time all ten boxes were gone.

So if you too have some extra fungus lying around, why not try the following recipe.




Onion x2

Garlic x3

Butter 50g

Mushroom 300g


Chicken/Vegetable Stock 600ml



1) Add chopped onion + garlic + butter in a sauce pan and cook for 3-4 min

2) Add chopped mushroom + thyme and cook for 3-4 min

3) Add 600 ml chicken/vegetable stock and bring to boil

4) Pour the mixture into the blender and blend 20 seconds.